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Let’s face it, the eat shit and lift diet isn’t ideal for most people. These days, athletes and bodybuilders have adopted a more measured approach to getting big, with the added benefit of looking great all year round. When it comes to dieting and training, there is less disparity between the on and off seasons than ever before. This superior approach to bulking is supported by better education regarding diet and nutrition, and of course by greater access to a wider range of anabolic steroids specifically suited to lean muscle gain. And there are several advantages to taking this approach.


Arguably the best reason for clean bulking is its incredible health benefits. Few people are willing to admit that a typical mass building diet can absolutely wreck your health. Poor diet alone can cause diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hundreds of other killer ailments. The time you spend training is nowhere near enough to offset the damage done over the long term.

One huge problem that causes bodybuilders and power lifters problems is central adiposity (visceral fat that covers the internal organs). This is called “heart attack fat” by doctors and a sign that you may not be around too much longer. Because subcutaneous body fat measurements don’t register this type of obesity, it’s possible to have a low bf % and still be at risk.

Another reason is because the McDonald’s bulking diet types can lead to unhealthy and negative habit formation. If you think that trying to clean up your diet and getting rid of junk food is tough now, wait until you’ve been eating that way for 20+ years. Scientific data prove that changing nutrition habits can be as difficult as quitting drinking or smoking and the earlier you make the change, the better your chance of success.

The popularity of the clean bulking has come about from greater research into diet and nutrition and also easier access to a greater assortment of anabolic steroids. Nowadays, compounds such as Anavar and Primobolan compete for top selling spots along with Dianabol and Deca Durabolin. Coupled with the fact that anabolic steroids are not just for bodybuilders anymore and are being used by a greater cross section of the population for their numerous benefits.

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Turinabol is an incredibly effective and safe steroid with very few side effects thanks to an added chlorine at the -4 position which prevents aromatization. 30-60mg/day is the optimal dose split into two daily doses. Turinabol can be used alone in a cycle with significant results.


Anavar is an exceptional lean gain aide and is very efficient at burning away stubborn abdominal fat. Anavar combines incredibly well with Dianabol or Anadrol and doing so will lead to large increases in muscle size and strength, with little water retention. The recommended dose when used in a stack is 30-80mg/day. Anavar is also a popular choice for bridging cycles.


Winstrol is another excellent product that causes extremely low water retention. It is a fairly versatile steroid but is most commonly used at the end of a cutting cycle to encourage further muscle gain while giving the user a dry, shredded appearance. The standard dose is 50mg to 100mg EOD and it is highly recommended to stack Winstrol together with Testosterone.


Primobolan is an incredibly safe anabolic steroid and does not entail any liver toxicity problems due to it not being a C17-aa steroid and therefore lacking the standard C17-aa structure. Primobolan is excellent for lowering body fat % and preventing catabolism during a cutting cycle. When added to a bulking cycle, it will bring out a certain hardness and definition of the muscles, along with a moderate increase in strength. Both oral primo and injectable primobolan are available; recommended dosages are 100 to 200mg per day over the course of 6 – 8 weeks for oral primobolan, and 300 to 1000mg per week over the course of 8 – 16 weeks for injectable primobolan. Primobolan works synergistically with Winstrol, Anavar and Trenbolone.