DecaGen 250 by MyoGen – 250 mg/ml – 5 ampoules of 1ml


Deca-Durabolin is a slow release ester that is similar to testosterone in structure. It is ideal to assist in gaining a very noticable increase in muscle mass. Deca-Durabolin combines well with other steroids for an enhanced effect and can be incorporated into any bulking stack or cycle with strong results.

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  • Effects: Increases strength significantly, increases lean muscle mass
  • Brand name: MyoGen
  • Product Brand Name: DecaGen 250
  • Other name: Deca, Deca-Durabolin
  • Active compound: Nandrolone
  • Ester: Decanoate
  • Type: Injection
  • Concentration: 250 mg/ml
  • Packaging: 5 ampoules of 1ml
  • Total quantity per packaging: 1250 mg
  • Dosage: 250 – 750 mg per week over the course of 8 – 12 weeks
  • Beginners dosage: 250 mg per week
  • Intermediate dosage: 500 mg per week
  • Advanced dosage: 750 mg per week
  • Female dosage: 50 mg per week
  • Protection during treatment: NolvaGen (Nolvadex) / Letrozole (if needed) / ClomiGen (Clomid) / Aromasin (if needed) / AnaGen (Arimidex)
  • Pct post cycle therapy: NolvaGen (Nolvadex) / HCG / ClomiGen (Clomid) / AnaGen (Arimidex)
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Stack: Dianabol / Trenbolone / Testosterone / Anadrol / Halotestin / Growth Hormone (All Varieties)

Buy DecaGen 250 By MyoGen (Nandrolone Decanoate 250 mg Injection)

Deca durabolin injections are one of the most dexterous means of achieving a vast array of physical goals, regardless of whether you come from an aesthetic or athletic background.
MyoGen DecaGen is light blue in colour, and is a brand new, industry leading variety of nandrolone decanoate designed to blow the competition away and take the pole position as the leading example of its type.
This is precisely the kind of situation it can place you in too – through integrating deca 250 mg injections safely and effectively, you’ll find that you’re able to annihilate your physical goals and surpass your peers in record time.

The Benefits Of Nandrolone Decanoate / Nandrolone Positive Effects

Injectable deca 250 is one of the most effective supportive elements on the planet and can positively impact almost any phase regardless of your chosen goal.
In particular, it is well known for providing an intense foundation for advanced cellular recovery in between bouts of physical activity and conjunctively being able to boost the effects of other anabolic steroids.
It’s also one of the best mass gaining agents out there – when deca gets listed as a bulking agent it does confuse some people being that it can’t provide the same level of weight gain as say anadrol, but the difference is that what you get here is pure mass rather than added water and fat.
Overall, the nandrolone decanoate benefits can be summed up by stating that:

  • It accelerates collagen synthesis thus accelerating tissue recovery (this includes ligaments and tendons)
  • It increases the user’s anabolic capacity, thus ensuring that they are able to develop greater levels of lean tissue
  • It increases the user’s nutrient uptake capacity
  • It improves the user’s strength capacity
  • It’s an excellent means of sustaining existing lean tissue levels

These positive effects of nandrolone are literally suited to almost any individual wishing to achieve any physical goal – they are useful for an athlete wanting to maximise their performance via adequate recovery, a strong man wanting to protect his tendons / ligaments or a bodybuilder wishing to improve his aesthetics.
Whilst this is the case, it’s important to note that some nandrolone side effects may manifest – we’ll outline them in the next section so that you have a well rounded overview of what to expect during your time with this product.

The Side Effects Of Nandrolone / Nandrolone Decanoate Negative Effects

As per all AAS types, some adverse issues may arise over the course of your time using deca 250 injections – it is by no means the highest risk compound on the market, but it’s strength should not be entirely overlooked either.
You’re going to need to administer some form of estrogenic control (i. E a SERM like nolvadex) over the course of your cycle in order to suppress estrogen levels and avoid facing the adverse issues that relate to high levels of the “female hormone”.
In conjunction with this, you’ll also need to integrate an effective PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) phase to recover organic hormonal output being that almost all AAS types (including deca) suppress the body’s natural ability to synthesise testosterone.
Negative nandrolone effects include but are not limited to:
– The suppression of organic hormonal output
– The development of gynecomastia
– The development of oedema
– Androgenic issues including adverse skin conditions and mood swings
– Elevated negative cholesterol levels
– Potential adverse cardiovascular impact
The decanoate ester gives this product a long half-life, meaning it does not need to be administered at regular intervals
All in all, these issues can largely be avoided by implementing the relevant cycle support and adhering to the relevant dosage as per your level of experience.
We’re now going to outline various dosing / cycle principles based on three different user tiers.

Nandrolone Decanoate Dosage / Nandrolone Cycles

Deca doses are split into three different category types depending on the experience level of the user – it’s absolutely crucial that you start at the minimum level if you’re new to this product as you must first assess tolerance before moving onto the higher intakes.
Beginners will need to integrate 250 mg per week over the course of 8 weeks in total – this will certainly be a high enough intake to achieve decent mass gain / strength results provided the user’s nutritional and training practices are in check.
Intermediate user’s will need to integrate 500 mg per week over the course of 10 weeks, and advanced users should take 750 mg per week over the course of 12 weeks (16 in some cases for very seasoned individuals.)
Provided you stick to these principles, it’s unlikely that adverse issues will manifest to an extreme degree during your time with nandrolone decanoate.

How Nandrolone Decanoate Works

Deca is classed as a 19-nor compound, meaning it is an exact replica of the testosterone blueprint albeit without a carbon atom at the 19th position.
In conjunction with this alteration, a decanoate ester is attached to prolong the half-life of the compound.
This change gives deca an anabolic androgenic rating of 125 / 37, making it slightly more powerful than testosterone in regards to muscle building capacity but with less than half the androgenism.
As a result, adverse issues are arguably less likely when using this product compared to test whilst regenerative capacity is improved (hence its unique recovery benefits.)

Buy Cheap Nandrolone Decanoate Online / Cheap Deca For Sale

If you’re looking for the best deca for sale online, you’ve hit the right spot; we take your safety and results very seriously, which is why we’re offering you MyoGen’s outstanding “DecaGen”.
This particular variant of this tried and tested product has been through rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure that it reaches you at the optimum purity and concentration level.
This means that you’ll achieve groundbreaking results without encountering any adverse issues in the process; MyoGen only produce pharma grade compounds, meaning that every single one of their items is fit for use within the medical field.
You’re literally going to have nothing to think about other than the incredible results you’re going to achieve during your time with this deca durabolin variant – all of the stress has been reduced thanks to its outstanding purity.


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