Biosynergy Anti-Aging by Lifetech-Labs – Ipamorelin 1.5mg/vial + MOD-GRF (1-29) 0.6 mg/vial – Box of 10 vials

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Biosynergy Anti-Aging is a specialized blend of peptides iPamorelin and MOD GRF (1-29). It rejuvenates natural growth hormone levels in the body to youthful levels as well as promoting fat loss and improving skin tone and joint health. Biosynergy anti-aging proves that you’re never too old to feel young again.

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  • Effects: Increases growth hormone levels, reduces fat, improves skin health, improves joint health
  • Brand name: Lifetech-Labs
  • Product Brand Name: Biosynergy Anti-Aging
  • Other name:
  • Active compound:
  • Ester:
  • Type: Injection
  • Concentration: Ipamorelin 1.5mg/vial + MOD-GRF (1-29) 0.6 mg/vial
  • Packaging: Box of 10 vials
  • Total quantity per packaging: 21 mg
  • Dosage: 700 mcg per day
  • Beginners dosage: Please see general dosage
  • Intermediate dosage: Please see general dosage
  • Advanced dosage: Double beginner dosage
  • Female dosage: Please see general dosage
  • Protection during treatment: None needed if used alone
  • Pct post cycle therapy: None needed if used alone
  • Level: All Users
  • Stack: Can be used with all products.

Buy Lifetech Labs BioSynergy Anti-Aging Peptides Mix (Ipamorelin 1.5mg + Mod GRF 1-29 0.6 mg)

Ipamorelin isn’t necessarily the most popular of growth hormone secretagogues, but it is easily capable of being the most powerful when used properly.
Where the difference with ipamorelin lies over many of its secretagogue brothers is that it’s the world’s first “selective” peptide; this means that the more you use, the more growth hormone you stand to release as a result.
Mod GRF 1 – 29 is included as part of this powerful combination and is a GHRH peptide – it directly mimics growth hormone releasing hormone as a means of elevating plasma growth hormone levels overall, thus leading to a sustained and elevated gh presence within the body.
Lifetech have come up trumps as ever by engineering the most outstanding versions of ipamorelin and mod GRF 1-29 to date and we’re thrilled to announce that we stock it, ready to swiftly ship to you at a moment’s notice.
It’s time to find out why ipamorelin + mod GRF 1-29 is one of the best choices any prospective peptide user can make if they’re looking for a solid peptide combination.

The Benefits Of Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 / Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Positive Effects

Let’s assume that you don’t know much about growth hormone; this vital component of the human body is crucial for everything from advanced cell repair to the sustenance of healthy internal functionality.
Ordinarily, we can only “secrete” this vital evolutionary component at predispositioned intervals throughout the day. Not only that, but the sheer quantity of the hormone we release is never particularly awe inspiring.
Whilst it certainly produces highly positive effects within the body, it’s safe to say that those who seek to alter their physical makeup and make significant changes in their appearance or vitality are going to need a little more growth hormone than nature can offer.
Not only that, but they need to have a better degree of control over when they can actually access it; these “organic” pulses simply aren’t enough in their own right.
As such, the medical world developed the growth hormone secretagogue class of products – Ipamorelin came along as a means of allowing the user to unleash growth hormone in a quantity of their preference.
This is in stark contrast to other secretagogues whereas they have a “saturation” dose; this simply doesn’t exist here. Theoretically, you’re totally unrestricted in the sheer quantity of growth hormone you’re able to unleash at once, though it should be noted that this element needs to be considered with caution.
Mod GRF simply provides a means of elevating plasma growth hormone levels thus enhancing the levels introduced by ipamorelin – synergistically, they lead to sustained and elevated growth hormone presence within the human body.
Through purchasing ipamorelin + mod GRF 1-29 online, you’re actually opening yourself up to a plethora of HGH / ipamorelin + mod GRF 1-29 benefits including but not limited to:

  • Enhanced cellular recovery
  • Advanced joint functionality and protection
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved sense of well being
  • Advanced cellular mass development (increased muscle size)
  • Potentially increased strength levels
  • Potentially improved immune function
  • Potentially improved sexual appetite
  • An improved fat burning capacity
  • Improved metabolic function
  • An improved complexion / more youthful appearance

These positive effects of ipamorelin + mod GRF 1 – 29 are going to prove useful for almost any member of the general populace and are not necessarily resigned to the aesthetically minded sector only.
With that said, there are certain negative effects of Ipamorelin that may come to fruition over the course of your time with it, and we’ll now outline them in greater detail to allow you the best chance of recognising and overcoming them.

The Side Effects Of Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29/ Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Negative Effects

Typically, adverse issues aren’t likely to arise during your time with this product unless you either have an underlying medical condition, or knowingly overdose to a major degree in regards to the upcoming recommended administration guidelines.
This is precisely why if you want to avoid the negative effects of Ipamorelin – you absolutely must get a pre cycle health screening in order to guarantee (or come as close to as possible) genetic compatibility with this item.
Should there be any adverse issues present at a genetic level, it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t proceed to utilise this item under any circumstances.
Even with a pre health screening in place (and provided it doesn’t indicate any adverse issues with your internal chemistry) you might still encounter the following ipamorelin side effects:
– Swollen limbs
– Oedema (water retention)
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Nausea
– Numbness in the extremities
– Elevated blood pressure
– Possible somatotroph damage over time should high levels be administered for a prolonged timeframe
These issues are unlikely to manifest provided you’re in a good state of health and are keeping in line with the relevant dosage level as per your current experience.
We’ll now look in further detail at what that dosage level is.

Ipamorelin +Mod GRF 1-29 Dosage / Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Cycles

When it comes to combined ipamorelin and mod GRF 1-29 doses, you’re going to need to implement this product at an intake of 700mcg per day (this will prove to deliver enough of each compound to achieve your goals.)
Most ipamorelin + mod GRF 1-29 cycles will last for 16 weeks or more, but there is no “hard” data to suggest exactly how long a cycle should last for. As such, it’s largely up to you to determine how long you should run it for based on your current goals.
It’s worth noting that a higher dose being used over a sustained period of time is going to pose a greater threat to the body in regards to side effect manifestation potential than a lower dose is.
In short; it’s up to you how long you use it for provided you keep the risks in mind at all times.

How Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Works

Ipamorelin is a ghrelin mimetic – this means that it directly “pretends” to be ghrelin and exerts the same effects within the body.
When we use ipamorelin (through its mimicry of ghrelin) it leads to the release of growth hormone releasing hormone, which then in turn travels to what’s known as the somatotropic cells and forces them to release their growth hormone stores.
Simultaneously, it also serves to inhibit the effects of somatostatin – this hormone actually “recalls” growth hormone back into its storage cells after a certain amount of time, therefore inhibiting its functionality means that we have more “free” growth hormone available in our system, thus meaning its effects are enhanced overall.
Mod GRF 1-29 mimics growth hormone releasing hormone, meaning that it gently elevates and sustains plasma growth hormone levels rather than producing an enormous spike in levels as per ipamorelin.
This means that when combined, these items deliver an optimal platform for sustained fat loss, growth and vitality.

Buy Cheap Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Online / Best Place To Buy Ipamorelin + Mod GRF 1-29 Online

We take your safety and results incredibly seriously – that’s why we’ve secured the best ipamorelin and mod GRF 1-29 online in the form of Lifetech’s outstanding ipamorelin and mod GRF 1-29 combination as part of their Biosynergy range.
This product has been manufactured in accordance with the industry defining GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines that guarantee optimum purity and concentration for all human grade produce.
What this ultimately means for you is that the ipamorelin for sale online at our site is going to deliver exactly the results you’d expect.
No contaminants or stress here; just pure AAA grade peptides delivered to your doorstep quickly and conveniently – we can’t wait to hear about the amazing results you achieve during your time with Lifetech’s ipamorelin and mod GRF 1-29.

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